Jade Lexine is a Vancouver-based graphic designer and content creator specializing in branding and printed & digital marketing assets for a range of contemporary brands. 

Exhibiting ingenuity throughout everything she creates, her work is rooted in deep-seated conceptualism with an acute flavour of current design trends. Her last seven years have been spent collaborating with a variety of clients within Canada and the United Kingdom. 
Hand-crafted design for all types of branding and marketing materials, including but certainly not limited to: stationary + business cards, social media graphics, packaging & product label design & more!
Original and captivating custom logo designs and complete visual branding solutions.
Custom illustrations to support visual brand development and 
marketing materials.
Creative designs and layouts for all tangible materials.
"Being faced with the task of branding your company is a large undertaking. I had the pleasure of working with Jade and right from the start it was her goal to get inside my head and understand what D'Andrea Design is, and how we wanted to be perceived.
After a few back-and-forth discussions, Jade went to work, only to come back with a brilliant set of designs. I was happy that she was able to wrap herself around, and understand, my need for a minimalistic, sharp, and professional feel. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Thank you, Jade!"

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